January 23, 2022

Town Council’s 2010 Goals: Senior Services and Public Transportation


Thirty-two years and counting. As 2009 closes out, that’s how long the Topanga Canyon Town Council (TCTC) has been serving the interests of residents, businesses and property owners in Topanga Canyon. The volunteer spirit that first brought the non-profit organization into being continues to focus on safety, environmental protection and helping those hit hardest by the current economic downturn.

The Topanga Resident Access Card made its debut this year, with more than 1,200 Topangans signing up for the cards that feature a distinctive coyote design by local artist Rebecca Rogers. Each card displays a zone number assigned by the L.A. County Fire Department to manage evacuations and re-entries into the Canyon. As zones reopen after a disaster, officers at roadblocks can instantly determine if a cardholder lives in a zone that’s been cleared for re-entry, a welcome change from officers checking drivers’ licenses against Thomas Guides, and assuring access for non-licensed Topanga residents, non-driving children, the disabled and the elderly.

Proceeds from sales of the cards, as well as donations from local residents, help fund the council’s numerous ongoing projects, such as the annual Topanga Creek Cleanup, after-school programs, a portable toilet for the transient community, and working with law enforcement to reduce graffiti, crime and traffic congestion. The TCTC also provided two-way radios for Arson Watch; new equipment for Topanga’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC); and, thermal clothing for our homeless community.

When the recession brought significant cuts in county and state funding, the TCTC focused on ways to minimize their impact, and helped T-CEP expand its Neighborhood Network program and explore ways to bring public transportation to the Canyon. TCTC continuously presses for government assistance and an accurate 2010 Census count surely can lead to more funding.

Topanga has one of the most active volunteer communities in the entire state! In 2009, the TCTC and its volunteers launched Canyon Sages to promote programs and services for seniors. Two important goals for 2010 are a Topanga Information phone line that anyone can call to get contact information for community programs, local organizations and County services; and a TCTC website featuring a community calendar, visitor information, County hearing information, links to local community organizations, emergency preparedness information, and a welcome package for new residents.

TCTC needs computer-savvy volunteers to help with graphic design, the community calendar, and creating and maintaining the website.

The TCTC team has worked very hard this year to make a big difference in our Canyon and it would not have happened without the efforts of Rebecca Goldfarb, Vic Richards, Mohan Joshi, Jacqui Benson, Anthony Hall, Becca Barkin, Lee Michaelson, Dan Hanrahan, Rebecca Rogers, and many others who helped along the way.

The Council looks forward to serving Topanga in 2010. We wish a happy and safe holiday to all the residents of our Canyon.