January 23, 2022

Topanga Creek Cleaned-up On Coastal Clean up Day


Saturday, September 20 dawned clear and warm, a perfect day to head outside and clean up the creek. Over 30 people showed up at the Topanga Ranch Motel, from as far away as Ojai and Glendale, to get their gloves and trash bags. Stacy Sledge of the Topanga Town Council organized the group of volunteers and day laborers who wrestled a large leather easy chair and a portable handicapped toilet seat out of the creek. The piles of human waste were disgusting, but the team powered through, filling the dumpster behind the market with over 30 bags of trash.


Topanga Creek Cleaned-up On Coastal Clean up Day

Clean-up crew with trash retrieved from the creek behind Topanga Market (l to r) Brian, Griffin and Connor Link, David Alexande, Tristan Speeth, Jenna Wurtz, Clara Vasquez, Claire Haider, Ruth Doxee, Rachel Myers, Jonas Kenja and Stacy Sledge.

Meanwhile, Topanga Stream Team leaders Steve Williams and Jayni Shuman let a caravan of cars up Topanga Canyon Boulevard, collecting trash at the pullouts along the way. Bill Rosenberg and his sons Eric and Mattias, along with the Maurer family, helped fill Jayni’s van and haul up a load of construction debris dumped down the slope by the bridge. It seemed a real shame to throw out beautiful old wooden windows, but we were happy to retrieve the used motor oil thoughtfully wrapped in a plastic bag!

The rest of the team led by Sean Denny, Jenny Balmagia and Lulu Mickleson tackled the wet bedding and assorted debris under the Pacific Coast Highway bridge area. Partnering with the folks from Heal the Bay who directed volunteers on the beach, the rocks under the Chart House were picked clean. Twleve big bags of bottles and cans were kept separate and recycled.

Topanga Creek Cleaned-up On Coastal Clean up Day

Jayni Shuman holding windows found in the creek.

Since Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors graciously offered to handle the final trash collection, we don’t know the final weight, but based on truck load estimates, we matched our previous average of over two tons of trash removed from the creek and beach.

Way to go team!