June 22, 2018

Dr Jean LaCour—1921-2012



Dr Jean LaCour—1921-2012

Dr. Jean LaCour lived in Topanga for many years and volunteered at the Topanga Historical Society.

Dr. Jean LaCour passed away on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2012, after living in Topanga for 33 years. She was 91. She and her identical sister, Joan Scott, were born on May 21, 1921, in Long Branch, NJ, to Chester L. LaCour and Elaine Prager LaCour.

As children, Jean, her sister and mother performed vaudeville in New Jersey before coming out to California for a better lifestyle. The vaudeville act started with the spotlight on her mother who is jumping rope. The spotlight then went to her sister, aged 5, jumping rope on her toes, and the audience went wild! Lastly, the spotlight shone on Jean with her acrobatic act. Their grandmother was the costume designer for the show.

Dr. LaCour earned her Ph.D. in Public Health from UCLA and taught psychology and gerontology at Cal State Los Angeles. She loved teaching and retired in her eighties to enjoy a rustic Topanga lifestyle. During World War II, she served as a member of the Women’s Air Corps, (WAC). Prior to living in Topanga, Dr. LaCour lived in Malibu, near her beloved ocean.

Dr. LaCour loved Topanga. She volunteered for the Topanga Historical Society and spent many dinners at the Topanga Community Club.

She was predeceased by her sister, writer Joan Scott. Dr. LaCour was twice married and is survived by three stepchildren, Christopher and John Capune and Laurel Capune Braun.

She is remembered as an intelligent woman, kind and generous with friends, family, animals and even strangers that she would encounter in her daily travels.

A celebration was held at her Topanga home in January with her beloved family, neighbors and long-time friends.