June 22, 2018

Thank You from Mike and Frank


Dear Editor,

Frank and I would like to thank the Sages and the wonderful friends who make the Senior Dinners so special.

Michele called us out here in the "boonies" of Camarillo and said, "Please come to our next dinner...there are friends and neighbors who would like to say goodbye."

An unexpected but welcome invitation! We wanted to say goodbye too.

What fun to see everyone and share hugs and memories—good times, yes, but also those fires and floods!

The Sages surprised us with some "Topanga" gifts and we thank you all so much. I am enjoying the towels and soap so much!

Frank wears his hat just about every day and I wear mine when the wind really blows here.

That's almost every day, too. Twenty-two plus years of being one of the "office ladies" at Topanga Elementary afforded Frank and me this chance to meet and become friends with many wonderful families and we are very thankful for that opportunity.

A school with 285-310 students became family. After arriving at school each morning...well, every day was a new adventure.

Again, thank you all for a lovely afternoon. We look forward to seeing you again. n

— Mike and Frank Kelly