April 22, 2018

Mary Wright — “Elements” Exhibit at Malibu Gallery, Oct. 27 — Nov. 30


Mary Wright — “Elements” Exhibit at Malibu Gallery, Oct. 27 — Nov. 30

Mary Wright opens the inner portals to nature in her solo exhibit, “Elements,” at the new Malibu Lumber Yard (MLY) Gallery.

With a lifelong commitment to what she calls “environmental sanity,” she achieves Zen‐like clarity in her mixed-media watercolors, taking us on an unmistakable journey, through Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Reconstructing the circle of life, Wright uses found objects, elements from the land, natural and man-made, that mimic nature. Sometimes these are remains of objects processed and conceived by natural forces, such as fire and water; other times they are simple skeletons of natural life forms, elements from the sea and sand, sky and air; common elements surrounding our daily lives.

Mary Wright’s paintings explore color and structure in the way archeologists discover the earth. In “Earth,” her intricate layers create the perfect balance between substance and light, allowing us to build our experience incrementally as we move and connect with each work.

Taking inspiration from ancient teachings, her abstractions barely suggest the impassioned internal discourse in our planet today. We seem to connect with each piece, like a symphony contemplating the wonder of life.

In “Air,” Wright’s silk paintings are complex portals to cosmic grace, allowing the unsettled eye to discover a myriad of faint textures and nuances that draw the viewer into a meditative, blissful trance. Some hang from the ceiling, floating in space like the element of air that encapsulates them, allowing the movement to float into a tunnel, as if this possibly were the portal to another world.

Amidst the subdued tones of the elements and abstract landscape of her compositions, she breaks the tension in “Fire” with vibrantly layered yet softly spoken swirls of fire energy dispersed amongst the blackened woods and melted homes lost in the Malibu fire of 1996.

Woven into the serene landscape of “Water,” are the silent brushstrokes of the inhabitants of earth, at once primal and futuristic, promoting us to contemplate the time continuum and our place in the web of life – the water element that composes most of us and the planet, interchangeable by abstraction.

Her pronounced cosmic paintings, interlinked forms, invoke the beauty of creation and our place in it. Highly textured and colorful with intricate gestures, her art takes us on an eternal quest for the love of earth, and the wonder of creation.

With so much turmoil and disruption to our planet’s natural systems, she is delivering a prayer for the healing of mother earth and our human race, leading us to a place of transcendence and empathy for all creation.

“Elements” exhibit continues through November 30. A percentage of the profits will benefit Wiser Earth Foundation and Global Green USA.

MLY Gallery is located at 3939 Cross Creek Rd., (Near Café Habana) in Malibu Lumber Yard Shopping Center, Malibu, CA. Gallery hours: Tues. - Fri., 11a.m.‐ 4 p.m. and Sat./Sun, 11a.m.‐ 6 p.m.; www.mlygallery.com.