June 22, 2018

Getting Financially Fit in Topanga


Kramer’s Accountancy Corporation offers a full range of financial services in Pine Tree Circle.


Getting Financially Fit in Topanga

Tobi and Ron Kramer, of Kramer Accountancy Corporation, with their Shih Tzu mixes, Brody and Chloe.

Ron Kramer sits behind the wooden desk of a large, cool and comfortable office at his storefront accounting, insurance and investment firm at Pine Tree Circle.

Sweet, friendly and low key, he is the current treasurer of the Topanga Chamber of Commerce. He also does the taxes for Topanga Enrichment Programs, the non-profit fundraising body for Topanga Elementary Charter School.

Adding to the relaxed nature of the office is a large wooden bookshelf that displays photos of his family including his lovely, outgoing wife, Tobi, their son, Jake and daughter, Sasha.

In fact, Tobi, a former court reporter, helps out during the week — and when she works she brings in their two Shih Tzu mixes, Brody and Chloe.

In the front offices are accounting managers, Arlene Katz, who is Topanga’s only notary public and Marla Van Maele — both have been with Ron for more than a decade. Sandy Khan Charron heads up the insurance agency, Kramer Insurance Services, Inc.

Tucked as it is neatly between the Canyon Bistro and Topanga Canyon Gallery, Kramer’s Accountancy Corporation could be the critical stop needed to retain or repair one’s financial health.

“I have found my home,” Kramer smiles, as he revels in the choice of his Topanga location. `


In fact, a “one-stop financial shop” is how Kramer describes his company. Now, for the first time ever, locals don’t have to leave the Canyon to get a full range of professional financial services for insurance, retirement or to keep their taxes at a minimum.

Topangans can pop in and discuss the ways they may qualify for a full homeowner’s policy and get them away from the California FAIR plan.

“Every property is different, depending on conditions,” Kramer said. “But one must try to get out of the FAIR plan if possible.”

Overall, Kramer said his firm offers a full service of accounting, bookkeeping, business management, and income taxes. They use financial reports to help clients make smart business decisions and achieve maximum success and profitability in their businesses and personal lives.

Kramer Investment Advisors, Inc., is a California Registered Investment Advisor. They help people choose investment strategies wisely in order to plan for a comfortable retirement.


A graduate of California State University, Northridge, with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Kramer began his career in the financial services industry in 1983 when he became a certified public accountant working for a local CPA firm, and then formed his own firm, Kramer Accountancy Corporation in 1993.

For more than 30 years, Kramer has worked with hundreds of clients in the film and music industry, providing advice in accounting, tax, investment and insurance matters. I have a background in business management, mostly for music entertainment clients,” Kramer said.


Kramer had his office on Wilshire Boulevard for 20 years, but after the lease expired, he looked to move on. Through their Topanga friends, Steve and Leslie Carlson among them, they found the perfect storefront spot at Pine Tree Circle.

“I looked at it and fell in love,” Kramer said. “My wife had a vision, so I had to say ‘Yes.’”

Now, after opening their Topanga office three years ago, Ron and Tobi are able to concentrate on getting their daughter, Sasha, through college at Oregon State and their son, Jake, settled into his new job with Amazon in Seattle.

With a serene and modern interior designed by Tobi, Ron settled in with his staff and has since experienced phenomenal success with their Canyon clientele.

“We wanted a business locally,” Ron Kramer said. “We are here to help people who walk in the door and we hope to provide services for the community for many, many years.”

Kramer Accountancy Corporation, 120 North Topanga Canyon Boulevard, Suite 111, Topanga CA, 90290. For more information please call (310) 455-9300.