April 21, 2018

From Appreciative Readers ...


Dear Editor:

I have been living in the Canyon for about nine months now and I must admit, I look forward to each and every edition of the Messenger. When I share your paper with my “out of town” guests they get so jealous because of the sense of community you provide, and they bemoan living in a faceless, homogeneous neighborhood. (I’m not naming any names, but Woodland Hills, you know who you are.) Thank you,

—Nancy Nelms-Girmant

Dear Editor:

You made her look beautiful and even my writing looked good (see “Camella Robbins: 1997-2012”, Topanga Messenger,, Vol. 36 No. 18, [Sept. 6, 2012]).I LOVE THE MESSENGER! YOU ARE AWESOME.

— Jane Robbins

Dear Editor:

What a great story! (see “Progressives Celebrate Seventh Birthday”, Topanga Messenger, Vol. 36 No. 18, [Sept. 6, 2012]). Wow!! I am overwhelmed. Annemarie [Donkin] did a great job! Thank you, Topanga Messenger!

— Dorothy Reik, PDSMM

Dear Editor:

Many thanks to the Messenger for publishing this excellent (but disgusting Corix/Edison behavior) letter by Rebecca Watts and for keeping this hugely important issue that impacts us all, in the local press (see “Opt-Out Stickers Ignored...”,Topanga Messenger, Vol. 36 No. 18, [Sept. 6, 2012]).

— Liz Barris