April 21, 2018

John Caskey to Visit Historic Battle Field


Dear Editor:

Hope this finds you and yours doing well!! As usual I think of THAT Memorial Day nearly every day.

Thought you might be interested in the fact that I will be over at the battle field near Bastogne where my Father died. The folks around Bastogne really do keep the memories alive of the sacrifices that took place there.

Every March for the past 3 or 4 years they have a walk over the Dead Man’s Ridge area. This coming March it will focus on the 193rd. I’ve been to Bastogne twice, but never know where the battle actually took place. I want to record everything I can about what my Father did and all the wonderful people (like you) who take the time and effort to remember a great generation of men and women who gave their all so others might be free. Future generations of Caskeys will know....

Anyway, thought you might be interested. If you like I’ll pass on the photos I take if you think your Scouts and Topanga community would be interested.

Pass on my regards to all the wonderful folks involved in the BIG event. What a wonderful bunch of folks you are!!!!!!!!!

— Warmest regards,

John Caskey