April 21, 2018

Summit Valley’s Other Heroes


After reading the article on “The Battle For Summit Valley,” it needs clarification.

Emphasis on Bob Bate’s leadership in this fight MUST be acknowledged more than with two lines of type. Bob and the entire board of TASC were in the fight from the beginning going back way before 1980.

It was under his leadership and tireless efforts that helped stall the project [when he went] back and forth from Regional Planning to the Board of Supervisors for years. He endured harassment from the first owner of the land and faced threat after threat as the years progressed.

It was only during the last year or so that the fight came to its conclusion. This is not to diminish anyone’s role in the battle but rather to keep it all in perspective. In that last year and a half the final push was made as renewed energy helped us go over the top for the win.

Other names that need to be acknowledged are Marti Brastow, Jan Moore and Al Riggs, each of whom were president of the Topanga Town Council during the 16-year battle. 

— Roger Pugliese, Chair

Topanga Association

For a Scenic Community