April 22, 2018

Rattlesnake Redux



Rattlesnake Redux

Dear Editor:

Just a reminder to all of us who may encounter the ancient native resident known as a rattlesnake. Its important job in Topanga is keeping rodent populations under control. I oftentimes hear residents complain about ground squirrels undermining their driveways, or whatever, and rats invading homes and outbuildings is another frequent Topanga problem.

By killing the snakes we are inviting rodents to take over — and most of us realize that poisoning the rodents just goes on up the food chain to kill anything that eats the rodents such as owls, foxes, coyotes, hawks, and domestic cats and dogs.

Before you succumb to our usual knee-jerk reaction “off with her head!” consider that there are several local residents who happily volunteer their time to rescue and relocate said snakes: John Mac Neil at (310) 455-2013, Jayni Shuman at (310) 455-3553 or (310) 579-5339, Bo Slyatich at (818) 383-0476, or John Cannon at (310) 456-3636 (John accepts gratuities).

Clip this out and attach it to your fridge in case of a snake “emergency,” and thank you for helping take care of an important player in our unique Topanga eco-system.

—Sarah Priest