April 22, 2018

Living Well: Genie in My Pocket



Living Well: Genie in My Pocket

What if you had a genie in your pocket who could help you make decisions based on your highest good, guide you in your next right action, or help clear past baggage without years of therapy? I have such a genie. Her name is Lauderly and I can’t imagine life without her.

Throughout history, when powerful leaders needed to make important decisions, they’ve sought help from trusted advisors well versed in various modalities that the leaders themselves did not understand. King Arthur had Merlin. United States presidents have used psychics and astrologers. While I am not endorsing any of these techniques, when I find a powerful, time-saving tool that brings about extraordinary results in my own life, I share it with you, whether or not my logical mind can grok it. This is one of those tools, and I don’t even have a name for it, so I’ll simply share Lauderly’s story.

About five years ago, Lauderly was having Thanksgiving dinner with her boyfriend’s family. At some point Pearl, the hostess, “read” that the turkey was done. She did not need to use a thermometer or to open the oven. She did a simple form of muscle testing. And it worked. Lauderly, an intelligent 20-year-old woman, thought this quite weird and responded with healthy skepticism: “What the…? Is this something you can teach? Is it magic?” No to the second; yes to the first. So Pearl began teaching her new protegée.

Based in kinesiology, Lauderly’s work adds aspects of pranic healing, acupressure, and shamanic practices as well as a healthy dose of intuition. While muscle testing answers the questions, it’s important to know which questions to ask. Every session, every person, every time is individual, and requires a high level of sensitivity. Lauderly says she uses a “drop down menu” approach. She asks a question with several options for the answer and muscle tests each option for a “yes” or “no.” She sometimes sees images, but will always muscle test them for accuracy.

Here’s how it works from the client’s perspective. I call her with a problem. She asks questions. I answer. She tells me what’s going on, what the underlying emotion is and who or what it is linked to. She then gives me a protocol. Sometimes it is a decree that I write on a piece of paper and keep under my pillow for two nights. Sometimes I need to put essential oils on specific places on my body or in a bath. Sometimes, I need to light a fire and imagine I am sending energy into it. Twice she had me imagine myself above a toilet, draining the toxins into the water and then flushing them away. It’s always different and it always leaves me feeling cleaner, lighter, more alive.

Lauderly makes it look easy, but it’s taken five years of training and practice. And she is especially gifted. She has the specific personality type required to do this work well: creative, open, loving, trusting and filled with grace. Like a child, or an angel, she can let go of the mind’s control and drop in to a place of focused receptivity, perfect for intuitive guidance.

When she first learned the work, she often felt raw and too open. She would walk down the streets of New York and see people’s past lives. It was overwhelming, so she had to develop strong energetic boundaries and learn how to close the field after reading for someone.

I asked her what it’s like for her now. “Like going into a zone, a tunnel. When I do an extended read, like an hour session, I get high from it.” She has support and knows how to ground the energy.

Through this simple, yet sophisticated technique, Lauderly has helped dozens of people with various problems, from food disorders to de-cluttering. She can access a block in energy whether it is from the present, the past, or even a past life. She can tell if an emotional blockage is yours or is something you picked up from someone close to you, like your parents, spouse or child; either way, she can give you a protocol to clear it, so you can go on about your life.

I allow myself the luxury of calling upon Lauderly all the time. For example, this past weekend, I had an opportunity to audition for an exclusive music program at SMC. The audition would require me to sing a classical piece and a jazz number from memory. I had homework, finals in a few days and my column due on Monday. It looked impossible, so I contemplated waiting a semester and using the time to prepare. When I called Lauderly and let her know my plans, she read for me and said “no” to waiting and “yes” to the audition. She then read how much time I would need to study for each class, to prepare for the audition, and also the best time plan for each activity. On the morning of my audition, I called again and she gave me another protocol to help me relax and feel confident. I felt so cared for! In less than 48 hours, I learned an opera piece in Italian, sang it from memory and felt totally successful.

If you read my column on a regular basis, you know I support you in trusting your own intuition above all else. That said, there is power in asking for help when the situation is too close to call, or you’d like to make a decision quickly and know it will go well. Lauderly is an angel, a divine gift in my life and I want to share her with you. For access into your own potential, visit: www.Lauderly.com.

“The work is infinite. This is a huge toolbox...with an entire world of areas to heal.”

— Or Lauderly Pondak

Sage Knight is a local author, editor and writing coach with a background in spiritual counseling and holistic health. Please visit her at www.SageKnightWrites.com.