June 22, 2018

“Visions Six” Opens at Topanga Gallery, June 20



“Visions Six” Opens at Topanga Gallery, June 20

Watercolor by Carmen Monne, one of six artists whose work is on display beginning June 20 through July 15. Artistsí reception Saturday, June 23.

“Visions Six,” the annual exhibit by six geographically diverse associate members of Topanga Canyon Gallery, opens June 20 and runs through July 15. The artists’ reception will be held Saturday, June 23, from 4 to 7 p.m.

Topanga Canyon Gallery, known for highly individual and accomplished work from its members, is pleased to display pieces by Linda Bolhuis, dyes on silk; Hadiya Finley, mixed media sculpture; Susan Haskell, glass; Carmen Monne, watercolor and mixed media; Kay Ruffini, watercolor and mixed media; and Carole Spence, acrylic painting.

Linda Bolhuis (Topanga) is widely recognized for her exquisitely designed and impeccably executed work in which she uses the Serti technique of painting with dyes on silk. Her highly interpretative work is sought by collectors for its emotional impact. Represented by the Shidoni Gallery in Santa Fe, she has exhibited from the Pacific Rim to the Eastern United States and is represented in both public and private collections. Classes at her studio for those wanting to learn this silk painting technique are always in demand. www.lindabolhuis.com.

Hadiya Finley (Topanga) states, “My current work is centered around the female form. I have had many issues with my own body, having lived in it, hated it, given birth, danced in it. It is what I know best in this world. I break apart the body and reassemble it, deconstructing common movements into single poses or exploring in pieces and parts. The construction is exposed and objects and images are incorporated that are juxtaposed with the figure to conjure association, metaphor and humor in an attempt to elicit visceral responses from viewers.” www.barefootbird.com.

Susan Haskell is a glass artist and painter born and raised in Los Angeles. Her love of glass led her to explore a variety of creative methods including glass blowing, torch working and fusing. Her paintings have included large-scale outdoor murals (Los Liones Canyon) and a 20-year series of photo-realistic paintings of tunnels (The Tunnel Vision Series.) She received a B.A, in Pictorial Arts and a M.A. in Design from UCLA. She also earned teaching credentials from Pepperdine University and is currently a teaching assistant at Santa Monica College in the Glass Blowing Department. Her greatest pleasure has come from more than 25 years of teaching elementary school art at Canyon Charter Elementary School in Santa Monica Canyon. sihaskell@aol.com,

Carmen Martin Monne (Culver City), a Cuban-born artist, crossed the Caribbean as a teenager to commence a new life in the United States. Thirty years later, she returned to her native Cuba, a poignant reunion that inspires her current body of work. The theme of homeland, as a place of personal and emotional belonging, is explored in her patinated watercolors, many of which contain vulnerable figures often distanced from this tropical land. Windows open and close, and the possibility of flight and lightness, as well as the implications of becoming and sinking into the surrounding world are juxtaposed in her work. She states, “ My paintings belong where a lost Cuban homeland and Los Angeles converge.” (website under construction)

Kay Ruffini (Long Beach) is an artist whose richly patterned drawings and paintings are primarily concerned with the effects of human-caused damage to the flora and fauna of the natural world and demonstrate her true love of nature. Her art portrays how humanity treats the creatures of our earth and reflects on how people treat one another. She believes that humans are not separate from the whole of Nature. She is active in many preservation causes and her work has been widely exhibited in the Long Beach, Orange County and South Bay areas. Her artwork may be viewed on www.flickr.com.

Carole Spence (Pacific Palisades) appreciates the joy and wonder a California garden can bring, whether a formal arrangement or a small assortment of plants in unexpected places. “The energy and reassurance from the abundance of life are what I want to share.” She is not only interested in the quality of light affecting plants and the evolution of color as the day progresses, but also that scale is important so that the plants represented receive the significance she feels they deserve. She is currently promoting Carry’alls, a line of designer tote bags with appliquéd prints of her garden paintings. www.carolespence.com.

Topanga Canyon Gallery, 120 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd., Suite 109. Topanga, CA 90290. Gallery hours: Wednesday-Saturday 10 a.m.- 6 p.m., Sunday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Parking is available. For further information: www.topangacanyongallery.com; or Carole Spence, (310) 459-1206.