September 19, 2014

We Did It! LCP Receives Final Approval

 Dear Editor, To all the Friends of the Santa Monica Mountains and supporters of our Local Coastal Program, thank you! We did it! You did it! Your personal testimony and hundreds and hundreds of letters of support over this lengthy hearing and approval process made all the difference. The Santa Monica Mountains will finally have a Local Coastal Program (LCP). What a great day to celebrate final approval of the most important document ever to govern … [Read More...]

A Murder of Ravens

 Dear Editor, Technically it’s a “murder” of crows and an “unkindness” of ravens but, in this case, the word “murder” is appropriate. Two healthy, wild ravens were shot and killed. It happened on Sunday afternoon, August 17. The raven pair had spent a lot of time over the past two years at Wildworks and frequented the neighborhood as well. I named them Lenore and Poe and if you happen to read the Messenger newspaper, their story was in the last issue (… [Read More...]

A Murder in Paradise

 Dear Editor, I usually can say that "I live where I love, and I love where I live." A recent incident, however, has dimmed my optimism. Some horribly misguided soul shot and killed at least one of the intelligent, funny, magnificent ravens that have been residing at the end of Paradise Lane for almost three years. One raven learned to comically imitate my pig Romeo's vocalizations and the birds' crazy antics (such as using our van's icy windshield … [Read More...]