April 19, 2014

Signs Along Topanga

 Dear Editor and Topanga residents: I am offended and astonished at the inordinate number of signs that have been added to our town center on Topanga Canyon Blvd. It is a travesty and very UNTOPANGA!  Most of them are gratuitous and unhelpful. It is one hot mess in my opinion. I want my state to be buying BOOKS for our students instead of this unconscionable raft of ridiculous signs. In my small, two lane road in Fernwood, there are ELEVEN (11) signs in… [Read More...]

Loyalty to Sheila Kuehl

 Dear Editor: I fail to understand how the friends of the Santa Monica Mountains can so easily forget the important work Sheila Kuehl has done during her many years of service to our community. Without Sheila (and Sen. Fran Pavley) in Sacramento, there would not have been a Benefit Assessment District, which raised $30 million dollars to purchase lands and protect our Mountains. SOKA and Ahmanson would likely have been lost to developers. Plus she’s t… [Read More...]

Earth Day at Old Canyon Ranch— Really?

 Have you ever turned onto Old Topanga Canyon Road from the Boulevard? Have you ever had to slam on your brakes because some Inn of the 7th Ray customer pulled out right in front of you? These customers don’t realize or can’t see traffic coming or they are marveling at the beauty of the Canyon and are not paying attention. This mainly happens on the weekends. Let’s add some fun into the mix. Guess what? According to signs on the Boulevard, Eart… [Read More...]

Topanga Earth Day Concerns

 Dear Editor: Who in their right mind thinks Earth Day can be held smack in the middle of Topanga? Did anyone consider the traffic congestion? Anyone living nearby is likely to be trapped for the weekend, Easter weekend at that. Earth Day needs a much larger space. I don’t see how the fire department or the police will be able to navigate through the crowd, much less the property owners. n — Patricia Moore … [Read More...]

Appreciating Good Works with Good Results

 Dear Editor, Congratulations to Connie Najah and the kids of the Topanga Wildlife Youth Project for all the hard work and dedication towards ending the sale and use of rodenticides to the public and their Baby Oak Tree adoption program at the Community House. I'm surprised to hear they're having trouble finding "Adopt a Baby Oak" volunteers to water and nurture them and hope the Topanga Chamber of Commerce can assist in the project and encourage othe… [Read More...]