October 26, 2016

Kudos to Rosi Dagit for “The Oaks are Dying”

 Dear Editor, Rosi Dagit is to be commended for her very excellent article, “The Oaks are Dying” (See "The Oaks Are Dying," Topanga Messenger, Vol. 40, No. 19,September 22, 2016). The diseases affecting our stressed oaks are clearly explained. Remedies are given. It is a “must read” for everyone living in the Canyon. Thank you for sharing this quality information. —Lynn Dickhoff… [Read More...]

Topanga’s Rich Literary Heritage

 Dear Editor, Thank you to Michele Johnson for a comprehensive and insightful overview of Topanga’s literary community over the last 100 years. Michele highlighted her talk at TRANSPORT, the Topanga Literary Festival, with wonderful photos as she wove stories about the lives of authors, poets, playwrights, songwriters and others who called Topanga their home, some for several months, others for a lifetime. It was such a pleasure to learn so m… [Read More...]

Praise for Postman Javier Malagon

 Dear Editor, Topanga has always been a different kind of town. It has the feel of a small mountain community in the middle of L.A. With the rush of L.A. just outside our doorstep, when do we notice the grocery, librarian or gas station attendant? Who ever notices the postman? Javier Malagon has been a postman in Topanga for more than 20 years. His devotion to his job has made him impossible to ignore. There’s the postman’s oath “no rain nor s… [Read More...]

“Trashing TCB” Follow-up

 Dear Editor, Thank you for printing the article in the Topanga Messenger regarding our efforts to clean up the Boulevard. We should all be grateful for last year’s Citizen of the Year and TASC chair, Roger Pugliese, who quietly led the charge and began cleaning up the Boulevard. Since that first Sunday, Joseph Rosendo gathered more people and momentum to the effort, among them Chamber members, Dianne Porchia, D.J. Billings, myself and Caltran… [Read More...]