January 18, 2017

Fabric of Topanga—Topanga's Unsung Heroes

 We are proud to present the unsung heroes of Topanga. We have chosen individuals who have been volunteers for many years. The Topanga Messenger has covered so many events over the last 40 years and many of these folks are always behind the scenes making everything possible and have rarely been acknowledged. A tremendous thanks and appreciation to all of you for everything you do for our Canyon. You truly are the fabric o… [Read More...]

Music Mountain, Chapter Two: AmerindiA—Legends in the Making

 “When the legends die, the dreams end; there is no more greatness.” —Tecumseh I made my first money selling music in 1957 when I sold librettos at the Gilbert & Sullivan Theater festival in Monmouth, Maine. This high school job in “Summer Stock” was my first introduction to the entertainment industry. Since then, over a 60-year career, I have done just about everything there is to do in show business. I… [Read More...]

Merging Wolf Heart and Human Heart

 Nestled in the mountains of Acton California, a space of peace, power and magic exists. One might think that it is the magic of the mountains, the spirit of nature, but there is something more to this place and the feeling is palpable. The space is called Wolf Connection, a youth empowerment program and wolfdog rescue center and sanctuary. It was early afternoon as my mother and I drove through the mountains of Acton. We had n… [Read More...]

America’s Islam

 What if two local mosques opened their doors wide to the public and invited people to come in, visit and learn about their concept of spirituality, community, brotherhood (sisterhood, too, which was pointed out repeatedly…) and friendship? Recently, that’s exactly what they did. The invitation came to pass because of the charismatic soft-spoken leadership of Karen Mack, former accountant turned Harvard MBA and communi… [Read More...]

Topanga Canyon Town Council Turns 40!

 Formed in 1977 in response to needs unique to our mountain community, residents created the TCTC to serve as a liaison with our town’s official governing body, the Los Angeles County Supervisor’s Office. Since then, TCTC has served the local interests of the residents, businesses, property owners, environment and wildlife in Topanga Canyon and the Santa Monica Mountains. Most especially, during its 40-year history, its … [Read More...]

Dispatch From Standing Rock

 At the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in southern North Dakota, a bridge crosses a tributary to the Missouri River. About 20 people, the Water Protectors, sit in a circle holding hands across both lanes of the highway. They prayed and meditated as the sun set. Two burnt-out military dump trucks, armored personnel carriers and Hummers, as well as barbed wire fencing and about 40 police SUVs made up a militarize… [Read More...]