October 23, 2014

Topanga Votes for Their Favorite Art

 On Friday, September 24, Stacy Sledge, President of the Topanga Town Council that provides the community website, sponsored its first online art contest. At the morning assembly before classes began, Sledge proudly presented the winners of the contest who were voted on by the Topanga community online at OneTopanga.com. Students from grades K-2 were asked to color OneTopanga's logo and tell what Topanga is to them. Kind… [Read More...]

City Hearts Fresh Focus 2014

 “It’s our Third Annual City Hearts: Kids Say Yes to the Arts, Fresh Focus 2014: The Story Behind the Shot event, and, how we have grown,” says City Hearts’ co-founder Sherry Jason. “This year’s event features rare photos from legendary photographers such as Jim Marshall (The Beatles), Walter Rosenblum (Tar Beach), Robert Zuckerman (The Talmud) as well as donations from iconic photographers who capture Hollyw… [Read More...]