March 30, 2015

Water: The Epic Journey from Snowmelt to Tap Water

 It’s an epic journey from snowmelt to tap water in Topanga. As California enters its fourth official year of severe drought, it is worth noting that Topanga has not always had a steady supply of fresh water. In the early days, farmers, ranchers and homesteaders used the creek, dug wells or tapped into natural mountain springs. In the 1920s, Fernwood subdivisions were advertised with a brochure proclaiming, “Pure mou… [Read More...]

Water Wisely for a Beautiful Garden and Landscape

 Too much or not enough water and never when you need it. That seems to be the long-time plight of gardeners. Add to this extended droughts, flooding and watering bans. What is a gardener to do? Become a water-wise gardener. Water wise is not just about growing drought tolerant plants or eliminating plantings. It is a holistic approach to managing water to avoid flooding that overwhelms sewer systems, improper watering that wastes water and poor landsca… [Read More...]