August 24, 2016

Topanga Tim's Survival Tips—Share the Road!

 Safety is always a concern when driving in Topanga. Hillside Henry has noticed that a lot of motorists are crossing over “the fog line” or white strip that marks the edge of the road. He is worried that someone will hit a bicyclist as they hug the edge going around a blind corner. According to the CHP it is legal to cross the white fog line with two wheels, but not all four, as that constitutes driving on the shoulder, which is not allowed. Henry would … [Read More...]

Kids in the Canyon—Everything is a Reward

 We are in the throes of summer heat with lots of time to relax, time to enjoy the boredom of days without schedules and quality time with friends and family. It almost seems like sacrilege to think about the upcoming school year, but the calendar clearly reminds me that we are only a few weeks away from the crazy whirlwind rollercoaster of another school year. I’ve been thinking about the new Transitional Kindergarten students and their parents who … [Read More...]

Living Well—Free, Free, Set Them Free

 “The abuse is over.” The words floated into my consciousness as I lay on my bed, almost napping. The phone rang. I heard the automated caller ID announcement and thought, “I must tell her not to call on the home line.” But I did not get angry with my friend or the disturbance; I was absorbed with the four little words I’d heard. Unaware of any clear image or particular incident, I simply sensed that the worst was over.… [Read More...]