February 11, 2016

Topanga Tim's Survival Tips— Garden Hoses at the Ready

 If you are like me you somehow have good intentions, but don’t always follow through on what you should be doing. I know that I should leave my garden hoses neatly coiled in the garden, but they always look like a wiggly pile of spaghetti with the end somewhere out of sight. It takes me a while to locate the proper section when I need to water. Imagine how it would slow me down if I had a (small) fire to put out. I’ve vowed to be neater and to a… [Read More...]

Rude Interruptions—St. Valentine: From Martyr to Marketing Hook

 Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and to grossly generalize, it’s a holiday many of us liked as children but have come to dread as adults. In elementary school, it’s all bountiful candy and unconditional affirmation from your classmates—and if you’re lucky, a special valentine from that cute girl or boy you’ve had your eye on. As adults? Not so much. If you haven’t been bruised by love—that would be most of us—you’… [Read More...]

My Corner of the Canyon—Waltzing With The Wind

 It was a fierce Mary Poppins wind. The kind that blows away dust, debris, bus benches and unwanted, grumpy, nanny applicants. I pulled the cozy black hat down more firmly about my head. Although I was shopping and not applying for a job as a nanny—which I like to think, being of a Poppins nature, I would get if I were—I was straight in the line of fire. Standing there in front of the Vons market across from an angry, Irish-looking sea, the wind gra… [Read More...]