December 17, 2014

Topanga Tim's Survival Tips— Share the Road

 Safety is always a concern when driving in Topanga.  Hillside Henry has noticed that a lot of motorists are crossing over “the fog line” or white strip that marks the edge of the road. He is worried that someone will hit a bicyclist as they hug the edge going around a blind corner. According to the CHP it is legal to cross the white line with two wheels, but not all four, as that constitutes driving on the shoulder, which is not allowed. Henry would lik… [Read More...]

Whole Body Beautiful: The Ripple Effect

 Keep calm and bring some of that quiet through the holidays with you into the New Year. It may be “that most wonderful time of the year,” but will you slow down enough to enjoy it? It seems that in today’s world, with its constantly changing technology and demands to become more efficient, we can’t run fast enough to keep up. The more efficient we become, the more we amplify our life, double our load and triple our stress. During the holidays,… [Read More...]

Living Well: Pronoia—A Conspiracy for You!

 When I was a little girl, I was called many things: “Monkey,” by my dad, “Smarty pants,” by schoolmates, and an idealist by lots of others. I believed in a world where everyone got along. It was the 1970s. I saw the Pepsi-generation commercial and it’s competitive counterpart: “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony… I’d like to buy the world a Coke… ,” etc., all the TV-land people smiling and sing… [Read More...]

Mini Messenger—A Club Worth Joining

 “Humans are hard-wired for connection.” –Brené Brown It is fall and a little buzz is in the air at Topanga Elementary Charter School. This buzz is the hum of 11 busy members of the Topanga Elementary Charter School Newspaper Club. The club attracted an excited group of young writers, photographers and artists and is sponsored by second-grade teacher, Mrs. Sondra Tapper, and myself. Our new principal, … [Read More...]