September 21, 2014

Topanga Tim's Survival Tips—Computer Security

 Summit Sally was over visiting yesterday and was helping me sort out some of my computer problems. I was concerned about all my stored information if my house was destroyed. “That’s easy,” she said. “You can go to an electronic store and buy an external hard drive and download all your files. You can just unplug it and take it with you if you have to evacuate.” That certainly would be easier than lugging the whole computer out to my car. I think … [Read More...]

Whole Body Beautiful: Radiant Beauty Shining from Within

 Glowing, bright-eyed, energetic, luminous, radiant are some of the words that define beauty. Today there are crèmes, injections, lotions, pills and make-up that promise to help us achieve our outermost radiance and combat the external forces like UV, pollution, stress, toxins and the rest, but what we must come to realize is that these remedy’s are temporary and help for only a short amount of time. While most of our bodies require the basic health and … [Read More...]

All About Animals: Twenty Years Wild

 It all started with an African caracal named Bonsai. I first met the hand-raised wild cat at the Los Angeles Zoo in 1985 where I was hired to work in the Zoo’s Cat Show. She was six months old and with her golden body and black-tufted ears she was strikingly beautiful. At her age, Bonsai was long past the imprinting period for a small cat, which is between two and seven weeks. Imprinting is rapid, phase-s… [Read More...]